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How to Enable Two Step Verification on SBCGlobal

Just like any other user-interface for communication like Gmail, Yahoo, etc., SBCGlobal is among the one of the best. It is an easy to use user-interface with more storage and proper SBS internet service. It an amazing interface to communicate with all your potential clients and customers while accessing the unmatchable features of SBCGlobal. All that you require is an account on SBCGlobal and sign-in into the same from your smart device or PC. And then you can easily access your emails and sent proposals and mails online. But, do you how to verify your SBCGlobal email account? In case you are new to this, and you don’t, you can either follow the below-mentioned troubleshooting steps. Or in case of quick and reasonable assistance, you can get in touch with the experts at the SBCGlobal Customer Service Number. They are there to assist you and solve your queries 24*7.


- Start by opening the web browser and enter the URL for SBCGlobal login page.

- Now, sign-in into your email account with your login credentials. In case you forget that you can ask for professional help to reset the same.

- Then, select the ‘Account Info’ option from the main menu bar and click to set up 2-step verification.

- In order to avail this option, go to the ‘Sign-in Security Tab.’

- You will be able to see a toggle button over there, which you can slide right to turn it on.

- Now, you can enable this feature to Vis two available options. The first one can be using your current working phone number.

- Enter the number in the required field and hit on the ‘Send SMS Option.’

- In case you add a new number then add that first and click on send an SMS.

- The moment you receive a verification code on your cell phone, enter the same in the given field and press ‘Verify Code.’

- By this, when you will log in into your SBCGlobal email account, you will receive a verification code on your given mobile number for authentication.


You can even choose multiple security questions instead of adding the phone number as that will help in protecting your account from hackers. In case you have stuck anywhere in this process, you can take the advice of the techies at the SBCGlobal Phone Number.


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