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How to set up a SBCGlobal email account

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SBCGlobal stands for Southwestern Bell Telephone Company, a communication company that is located in Dallas, Texas. In addition to the telephone services, SBCGlobal started offering email services as well. SBCGlobal is one of the most popular email service providers in the US, which because of its user-friendly features. For example, it allows you to customize your email folders and block unwanted spam in order to maintain your privacy. However, the main reason why users prefer SBC global email service is that it allows you to log in through different email apps. Linking your account with a third-party app allows you to sync your emails so that you can access all your data on one email platform. If you would like a more detailed guide on how you can set up your email account, you can call the SBCGlobal Technical Support Number and speak to a professional email technician to clear your doubts. You can also have a look at the steps mentioned below to set up your account using an alternate email application.


Steps to setup SBCGlobal Email Account

Step 1: Switch on your device and search for the Microsoft Outlook app.

Step 2: Open the File tab and press the ‘Add Account’ option.

Step 3: Now click on the ‘Manual Setup’ section and continue.

Step 4: Choose IMAP or POP as the email protocol and press ‘NEXT.’

Step 5: Fill in the appropriate user details, including your email address.

Step 6: Go to the Menu section and choose the preferred Account Type.


SBCGlobal Email Server Settings

Once you select the email protocol or the account type, you will need to enter the relevant email server settings as given below:

- Email protocol: POP3 or IMAP

- Inbound server: inbound.att.net or imap.mail.att.net

- Inbound port: 995 or 993

- SSL: Yes

- Outbound server: outbound.att.net or smtp.mail.att.net

- Outbound port: 465 or 587


The server settings to configure your account will remain the same whether you use Outlook or any other mail app to complete the setup process. The steps given above illustrate the methods to set up your SBCGlobal email account using the server settings. In case you are unable to complete set up steps, you can get in touch with a professional software team by calling the SBCGlobal Customer Care. The support team works hard to enhance your user experience and makes sure that you get the best possible solution for any error. Feel free to contact a professional regarding any issue related to your SBCGlobal email service.


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